Hotel without on-site concierge;
HOTEL CELESTE in TakaJO, Shizuoka

Check-in and check-out


2-4-5 Takajo, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka


+81 54-273-1755


“HOTEL CELESTE”, the serene look of a design hotel in Takajo, Aoi district close to the amusement zones of the city of Shizuoka, finds its origin in “blue sky” in Spanish and it operates in a style without concierge service offering serenity and relaxation like under the blue heavens for the guests.

Each room features a gusts-friendly utility: a washing machine and drying area, microwave and high-speed Wi-Fi. Besides the convivial utility of the room, a variety of restaurants and take-away options are available in the region.
Due to the concierge-free service style offered at HOTEL CELESTE, the room is only accessible with “passwords”.
Please take advantage of your stay of up to 19 hours, check-in at 3:00 p.m. until checkout at 10:00 a.m. the following day, for any purpose; private or professional, as well as solo or group.

Usability of HOTEL CELESTE as “Private Guest House”

Essential utility such as a laundry room is equipped for a long and short stay.

Hospitality-OMOTENASHI in Shizuoka

Quality tea from Shirakata Denshiro Shoten Inc., an indigenous tea company located in the city of Shizuoka with over 90-year history is prepared in each room as a welcome beverage. Please experience its exclusive taste and flavor.

Excellent Cuisines Available via Delivery

HOTEL CELESTE offers neither on-site concierge nor food services; however, a number of famous restaurants are located in the Takasho area.

Check-in and check-out

Free entry and exit with password


Seamless and Stress-free Checkout

The room with automatic locking system allows guests complete flexibility at checkout.
The keyless system allows the guests to go out at any time throughout the stay until departure.



Seamless and Stress-Free Check-in
HOTEL CELESTE does not offer on-site concierge service, which allows the guest to smoothly check-in only with the entry codes at the terminal of the reception without face-to-face.
Please prepare the codes defined at the time of booking: reservation ID, phone number and QR code.

2 Room Types

HOTEL CELESTE simply offers 2 types of rooms, which allows the guests to have options for the stay of either “Standard” equipped with a clean and comfortable shower room or “Suite” furnished with luxury tatami floor, living room with sofa and bathroom.

Each room accommodates up to 2 guests for “Standard” and 4 guests for “Suites”. Children can stay without additional costs as long as sleeping together with guardians. Essential utility such as a refrigerator, microwave, and washing machine, drying zone or drier per room allows the guests a comfortable long stay.

Hotel service

No noise: Please pay due consideration to other guests and residents in the neighborhood.
No smoking: Smoking is prohibited in the entire premises.
No outing with slippers on: Please refrain from wearing slippers outside of the room.
Damage within the room and the premises: In case of significant staining or damage to the room, you may be asked to pay a substantial amount of compensation.
Change in Number of guests: Check-in with a different number of guests from that indicated at the time of booking cannot be accepted to ensure safety. Please be sure to notify the contact account below in advance if there is a change in the guest count.
Emergency contact phone number: +81-054-273-1717 (management company: Hase Inc.)

Independent Wi-Fi Port

Installation of independent Wi-Fi ports per room allows the guests an optimal 5GHz band environment available high-speed data exchange either for business use such as online meeting, and live video distributions, or fun use like enjoying YouTube channels.

Networked TV

TVs furnished at each room of HOTEL CELESTE are connected to the Internet so that the guests can take advantage of their own accounts for enjoying Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and Hulu during the stay.
*Please do not forget to log-out by departure.

Utility for Comfortable Stay

Bathroom/shower room
Washing machine
Bathroom drier (only for “Suite”)
Essential toiletries: shampoo, conditioner and body soap